Taj Lake Palace


Taj Lake Palace - から Ambrai Ghat, India
Taj Lake Palace - から Ambrai Ghat, India
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Taj Lake Palace
📍 から Ambrai Ghat, India
The Taj Lake Palace, in Udaipur, India is a magnificent white marble structure, located in the center of Lake Pichola. Built in 1746, it was originally a summer palace for the Maharana of Mewar. Overlooking the Lake, it offers spectacular views of the surrounding city and surroundings. The Lake Palace is now available as a luxury hotel where visitors can enjoy a variety of activities and dining experiences. With 64 guest rooms, each room is individually designed with marble walls and flooring, inlaid doors, and beautiful stained-glass windows. The hotel also offers an outdoor pool, bar, and gardens, plus a selection of boats to explore the lake. Visitors can also enjoy traditional Indian cultural activities and various watersports.

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