Strasbourg station


Strasbourg station - France
Strasbourg station - France
Strasbourg station
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Strasbourg Station is a major railway hub located in the center of Strasbourg, France. It serves as both a through station and an end-of-line terminal. Strasbourg is an important transportation hub on the TGV network and serves as the main center of European railway links, as well as connections to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

The station also provides travelers with access to several museums, entertainment venues, and activities, including historic buildings, the Strasbourg Cathedral, boat rides on the river Ill, and transport to nearby towns and cities. The station itself is a stunning landmark with a combination of Gothic and Baroque architectural styles. A highlight of the station is the €438 million "Réseau Express Régional" (Regional Express Network) (RER) station. Accessed from different sides of the railway station, the RER provides direct access to the city's historic old town and the popular Petite France quarter, along with numerous park areas and sections of the city's green belt. The station is located next to the the Canal de l’Ill, which is a 5.8 kilometer (3.6 mi) canal that runs through the city of Strasbourg, just a few steps away from the station’s boarding platforms. Strasbourg offers excellent transport connections, both local and regional, making it an easy place to visit for pleasure or business.

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