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Strasbourg - から Rue Brulée, France
Strasbourg - から Rue Brulée, France
📍 から Rue Brulée, France
Strasbourg is an enchanting city located in Europe's Alsace region, right on the border of France and Germany. The city, dubbed "The Capital of Europe", is known for its mix of distinctive French and German cultural elements, and many of its most iconic amenities are based on both cultures. One of the city's most popular attractions is its beautifully preserved historic core, which features Renaissance and Gothic-style buildings from the 16th century. The picturesque Petite France district is perhaps the best example of this, boasting timbered houses and a picturesque canal. There is so much to explore in Strasbourg and you can easily spend days wandering the quaint cobblestone streets. Strasbourg also boasts plenty of historic monuments, such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral and its outstanding astronomical clock. And if you're a fan of food and culture, you won't be disappointed either - the city brims with colorful markets, unique museums, and traditional winstubs and bistros.

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