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Strasbourg - から Riverside, France
Strasbourg - から Riverside, France
📍 から Riverside, France
Strasbourg is the capital of the Grand Est region in France. Nicknamed La Petite France, the city is a beautiful melting pot of music, architecture, culture, and nature. Located on the banks of the river Rhine, Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the world.

This ancient city boasts iconic landmarks such as the Gothic, medieval-style Strasbourg Cathedral and beautiful canals of the 'Petite France' quarter. The city's winding narrow cobblestone streets, wooden houses, good restaurants, and many sights make it a delightful destination for all. No trip to Strasbourg is complete without visiting the European Parliament, the European Court of Justice and the Council of Europe. Here you can wander through the walkways, squares, and gardens scattered with fountains, statues and sculptures. Strasbourg is a picturesque city filled with unique architecture and a mix of French, Germany and English culture. Its wide variety of attractions and activities, from shopping, markets and festivals to outdoor activities, will make it a great place to visit.

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