St.Pauls' Cathedral


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St.Pauls' Cathedral - から Entrance, United Kingdom
St.Pauls' Cathedral - から Entrance, United Kingdom
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St.Pauls' Cathedral
📍 から Entrance, United Kingdom
St. Paul's Cathedral is a Church of England cathedral in London and the seat of the Bishop of London. It stands at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the city, and its spectacular dome continues to dominate the London skyline. Once inside, visitors encounter a majestic interior filled with fine monuments, and a soaring interior, capped by the iconic dome. Photographers, especially, will appreciate the rare beauty of the cathedral's numerous features, from its ornate marble façade to its arched stone cloisters and striking floor mosaics. Take the opportunity to climb to the Whispering Gallery, where sound travels around the dome, or ascend the endless stairs to the magnificent Golden Gallery, with breathtaking views of the city below. A place of worship, music, and history, St. Paul's Cathedral deserves a place on every traveler's visit list.

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