Stone Arch Bridge


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Stone Arch Bridge - から Park, United States
Stone Arch Bridge - から Park, United States
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Stone Arch Bridge
📍 から Park, United States
The Stone Arch Bridge is a historic landmark in Minneapolis, USA. Spanning the Mississippi River, it is the only stone arch bridge on the entire river. Built in 1883, it is a testament to the engineering ingenuity of the 19th century. With many turn-of-the-century flour mills and warehouses nearby, it is an iconic symbol of Minneapolis' industrial history.

The bridge is a popular spot for visitors who can take in the panoramic views of the river and Minneapolis skyline. Boats, ships, and barges pass underneath the bridge, carrying goods to other ports up and down the Mississippi. The bridge itself is a unique combination of architectural beauty and engineering ability, featuring 24 stone arches with park benches and railings. Visitors can also admire the ornamental lampposts, accentuate the period styling of the architecture.

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