Stinson Beach


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Stinson Beach - United States
Stinson Beach - United States
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Stinson Beach
📍 United States
Stinson Beach is a beach in Marin County, United States, close to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Featuring bright white sand and crystal blue waters, Stinson Beach is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. Whether you're looking for a romantic walk along the shore, a relaxing dip in the water, or a leisurely day of sunbathing, Stinson Beach has it all. The beach is equipped with public showers, restrooms and lifeguards making it a great spot for families too. Just offshore are numerous rocky outcroppings that are popular among divers and snorkelers. A one-mile boardwalk atop the cliffs provides a lovely stroll. Various other activities, like surfing, kayaking, and beachcombing, can also be enjoyed at Stinson Beach.

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