Stickle Tarn


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Stickle Tarn - United Kingdom
Stickle Tarn - United Kingdom
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Stickle Tarn
📍 United Kingdom
Stickle Tarn is a magnificent tarn in the Lake District, United Kingdom. Situated in a valley in the Eskdale, surrounded by mountains and fields, it is a popular destination for photographers and travellers. The tarn offers stunning panoramic views, from the snow-dusted peaks of the Scafell range to the sweeping streams of the Esk below. Its turquoise waters and rocky islands create a breathtaking landscape that can be enjoyed by hikers, sailors, and climbers. Stickle Tarn is a great spot for capturing amazing photos with its many moods, colours and textures. Visitors can explore the surrounding tarns, moorlands and woodlands and enjoy a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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