Stadhuis van Nieuwpoort


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Stadhuis van Nieuwpoort - Netherlands
Stadhuis van Nieuwpoort - Netherlands
Stadhuis van Nieuwpoort
📍 Netherlands
The Stadhuis van Nieuwpoort (Newport City Hall) is an 18th-century Dutch-style building located in Nieuwpoort, Netherlands. The building is a beautiful example of Dutch Neoclassical architecture and dates back to 1675. The Stadhuis serves as evidence of the importance of Nieuwpoort during its heyday in the Belgian Revolution. It houses the city hall and stands as a testament to Nieuwpoort’s proud history. The building has the traditional Dutch stepped gable roof line with the facade’s symmetry being broken by the tower in the center. The tower itself is topped by a timepiece, with a rather unusual 3 face clock. There is much to admire and photograph in Stadhuis van Nieuwpoort. Enjoy the picturesque views of the harbor and greenery as you wander around the Old City of Nieuwpoort.

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