St. Vitus Cathedral


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St. Vitus Cathedral - から Pražsky Hrad, Czechia
St. Vitus Cathedral - から Pražsky Hrad, Czechia
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St. Vitus Cathedral
📍 から Pražsky Hrad, Czechia
St Vitus Cathedral is the largest, most important and oldest church located within the Prague Castle complex and is the central feature of the city. St Vitus Cathedral was founded in the 10th century and has seen it undergo multiple reconstruction works throughout the centuries. The building is 88 meters in length and 60 meters in breadth and features a host of two towers reaching a height of 96 meters. Of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque styles, the Cathedral hosts magnificent pieces of art and features an impressive facade. Some of the most important pieces of art present within the church include frescoes and stained glass windows of the world-renowned painter Alfons Mucha. Surprisingly, some of the tombs found within the area are empty or contain the remains of Czech Kings from long ago. St Vitus Cathedral is a place of interest for history and art lovers, as it offers a unique insight into Prague's history and culture.

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