Spiaggia di Ponente


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Spiaggia di Ponente - Italy
Spiaggia di Ponente - Italy
Spiaggia di Ponente
📍 Italy
Spiaggia di Ponente is one of the most remarkable beaches in Italy, situated in the beautiful region of Sperlonga, Lazio. It is composed of soft white sand and crystal clear waters, bordered by rocky formations among which one can find hidden grottos. Sunbeds, umbrellas and beach kiosks are available. The beach features a wonderful, panoramic view of Sperlonga's Old Town. A charming stretch of promenade starts near the beach, along which one can take leisurely strolls and admire the spectacular view. Along the way, one can find several cafés, bars and restaurants offering traditional Italian delicacies. For those seeking a cultural experience, the nearby Villa of Tiberius museum showcases scores of Roman artefacts.

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