Space Museum


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Space Museum - から Front, Hong Kong
Space Museum - から Front, Hong Kong
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Space Museum
📍 から Front, Hong Kong
The bustling Space Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, is a must-see for any enthusiast of astronomy and space science. Opened in 1980, the Hong Kong Space Museum is home to a variety of interactive exhibits showcasing a number of different aspects of space exploration. Visitors can learn about the formation and evolution of the universe, celestial bodies, astronautics, space missions and space technology. There is also a bank of interactive exhibits dedicated to the exploration of Mars and a replica of the Apollo Lunar Module. Scattered in-between the permanent exhibitions are special seasonal events, educational programmes, and on-site lectures that are aimed to inspire, educate and engage the public with meaningful space-related experiences. In addition, the museum hosts an Omnimax theatre offering film screenings, and a 3D planetarium. The The Hong Kong Space Museum is not your typical museum, but a place for all generations to share, expore and appreciate the wonders of space.

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