Shark Fin Beach


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Shark Fin Beach - から South, United States
Shark Fin Beach - から South, United States
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Shark Fin Beach
📍 から South, United States
Shark Fin Beach offers a unique mix of breathtaking beauty and abundant wildlife just off the coast of California. The cliffs of Point Lobos State Reserve are home to numerous species of marine mammals, such as seals, dolphins and sea lions. Photographers and travelers alike can enjoy the awe-inspiring landscape, including the spectacular “shark fin” rock formation that can be seen from miles away. Nearby, visitors can explore tidepools with even more wildlife. Sea birds, like oystercatchers, can be seen getting a meal from the sea’s abundant bounty. While here, be sure to take in the stunning views of the pacific ocean, rolling hills, and rocky formations. After taking in the sights, take some time to explore the trails and learn about the unique natural history of the area.

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