Seoul Art Center's Clock


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Seoul Art Center's Clock - South Korea
Seoul Art Center's Clock - South Korea
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Seoul Art Center's Clock
📍 South Korea
The Seoul Art Center's Clock is a must-see for travelers and photographers alike. Located in the lively South Korean city of Seoul, this clock stands an impressive 39 feet tall, with a design that is as unique as it is beautiful. On the exterior, a modern hexagonal form stands tall and is adorned with multiple clocks that show the time in multiple time zones. The interior is decorated in luxurious silver and gold, giving it an elegant and dignified feel. It's a photographer's dream location, with an impressive and photogenic silhouette to use as a backdrop to your cityscapes and landscape shots. With its prominent location near the heart of Seoul, it's also a great place to just take a break and admire the architecture for a while.

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