Schloss Ahrensburg


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Schloss Ahrensburg - から South Side, Germany
Schloss Ahrensburg - から South Side, Germany
Schloss Ahrensburg
📍 から South Side, Germany
Ahrensburg Castle is a historic renaissance manor located in Ahrensburg, Germany. The site was first established in the 13th century and was converted into an elegant castle in the 16th century. After severe damage in the late 19th century the castle was transformed into an edifice in the style of a country house, with a vast park of 62 acres around it. The main building is a baroque structure with several wings, a grand staircase and an impressive entrance. Inside, highlights include the chapel with frescoes from the 1400s, a banqueting hall, elegant salons and a music room. Schloss Ahrensburg is a popular destination for visitors who may admire the interiors and enjoy the park's natural surroundings. The park is dotted by several structures, like a romantic bridge, gazebos, a greenhouse, and a tea house in the woods. There is also a museum at Ahrensburg Castle dedicated to the history of the manor and a restaurant, Café Rüdebusch, in the park.

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