Santuario Madonna della Corona


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Santuario Madonna della Corona - から Viewpoint, Italy
Santuario Madonna della Corona - から Viewpoint, Italy
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Santuario Madonna della Corona
📍 から Viewpoint, Italy
The Santuario Madonna della Corona is a mountaintop sanctuary located on Monte Baldo in Ferrara di Monte Baldo, Italy. The sanctuary is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Northern Italy, dedicated to the Our Lady of the Crown of Thorns basilica. The sanctuary was built in 1622 as a symbol of protection and hope and is set on a spectacular rocky ledge, offering wonderful views of the lake and the wider valley below. Popular with both local and foreign visitors, the sanctuary offers regular masses and various religious services, and is also home to the terraced Oratorio dei Montagnoli, a sybmbol of physical and spiritual protection. Reaching the sanctuary requires a difficult climb up the pietra serena stairs, but is well worth the effort for the spectacular views offered from the top.

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