Salinas Grandes


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Salinas Grandes - Argentina
Salinas Grandes - Argentina
@angelique_emonet - Unsplash
Salinas Grandes
📍 Argentina
The historical city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, is an idyllic destination for travelers and photographers. Founded at the beginning of the 7th century, Dubrovnik has survived war and earthquakes and is now a sprawling UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with Venetian-style architecture and home to a stunning Old Town. Synthetic pine-clad mountains surround cobbled streets, red-tile-roofed buildings and beautiful walls, which protector the city from the neighboring sea. Many of the beautiful monuments and churches from the city's long history remain intact, and the fortifications, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, offer spectacular views for visitors. Furthermore, the city offers a variety of restaurants, bars and shops, so tourists will not only see its historic beauty, but also be able to enjoy what Dubrovnik has to offer.

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