Saint Marys Cathedral


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Saint Marys Cathedral - から Inside, United States
Saint Marys Cathedral - から Inside, United States
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Saint Marys Cathedral
📍 から Inside, United States
Saint Mary's Cathedral in Natchez, United States, is an impressive architectural monument that was constructed at the turn of the 20th century. The Cathedral has a unique German Gothic style of architecture and is the oldest church of its kind in the state of Mississippi. Designed by architect Lawrence Monfrere in 1902, the building stands at 90 feet and is decorated with pointed spires and stained glass windows. Upon entering the Cathedral, visitors will appreciate the red brick exterior, expansive interior ceilings with ornate decorations, and the altar and choir areas with stained glass windows. The church offers several community activities and services, such as music concerts, educational events, and religious services. Visitors are welcome to explore the Cathedral any time.

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