Rosenhof Street


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Rosenhof Street - Germany
Rosenhof Street - Germany
Rosenhof Street
📍 Germany
Welcome to Rosenhof Street in Chemnitz Germany! Located in the Stiebritz district of the city, it is a small but picturesque street full of historic buildings and beautiful scenery. One of the main attractions of the street is the Stiebritz fountain, built in 1915 by the famous Austrian sculptor Franz Metzner. To the east of the street, you will find Stiebtal Park and to the west the lovely Goethe Garden. Explore the historic architecture further and discover the old Saxon castle and Pelkwitz House. Shop in quaint boutiques, galleries, and antique stores, or enjoy a leisurely meal in one of the many traditional restaurants in the area. There are plenty of photo opportunities to be had on Rosenhof Street, no matter the season! Snap shots of statues, gardens, attractive facades, and views of the city!

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