Roman Odeon Lighthouse


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Roman Odeon Lighthouse - Cyprus
Roman Odeon Lighthouse - Cyprus
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Roman Odeon Lighthouse
📍 Cyprus
Roman Odeon Lighthouse is a beautiful lighthouse, situated in the scenic harbour of Paphos, in the western part of Cyprus. Its location on the seafront is a great spot for photographers, who can create beautiful shots of the coastline and the boats in the harbor. It can be said that this lighthouse is the symbol of Paphos, due to its attractive visual appearance and its long history of over a hundred years. It was constructed in 1900, with a height of 11 meters, and proudly stands today as an important beacon of guidance in one of the most picturesque locations in the island of Cyprus. It is a popular spot amongst tourists who visit not only to take pictures, but to observe the fisherman as they go about their daily craft.

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