Roman bridge of Salamanca


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Roman bridge of Salamanca - Spain
Roman bridge of Salamanca - Spain
Roman bridge of Salamanca
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The Roman Bridge of Salamanca is a historic site located at the end of Calle Rúa Mayor in Salamanca, Spain. Built in the 1st century A.D., it is one of the oldest existing bridges in the world and a popular tourist destination. It lies across the Tormes River and connects two parts of the city as it did many centuries ago.

The bridge has three large arches surrounded by tall walls. The arches are covered with a wooden bridge made of British Oak, a strong local hardwood. There are four small walls and three towers, two square and one round. At the end of the bridge is a commemorative arch in honor of Felipe II, the King of Spain who ruled in the 16th century. The bridge is made entirely of granite blocks quarried from local mountains which still retain their deep gray-blue color. Visitors can read the inscription 'Tuendo ergo traditum' which translates to “Therefore, I hold the tradition.” This inscription is believed to refer to Felipe II reclaiming territories from the Arab Empire. The Roman Bridge of Salamanca is a beautiful architectural site with a rich history. A walk across the bridge is a must for travelers visiting the city.

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