Rock Formation


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Rock Formation - から Trail, United States
Rock Formation - から Trail, United States
@mrthetrain - Unsplash
Rock Formation
📍 から Trail, United States
Puerto Escondido, Mexico, offers some of the most dramatic landscapes in Central America. With its clear aquamarine waters, sandy beaches, and lush coastal jungles, it has become a paradise for surfers, hikers and just about everyone who loves unspoiled beauty. After all, it's consistently been rated one of the best surfing spots in the world. But beyond the sportiest of activities, its many hidden coves also serve as great swimming spots. Its lagoons and reefs allow you to explore some of the ocean's unique biodiversity too. Of course, the city also offers a wealth of fun nightlife and cultural delights. Whether you're here to catch a few waves, have a few drinks, or get lost in its culture, this little corner of Mexico will surely provide you with unforgettable memories.

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