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Rinoceronte - Italy
Rinoceronte - Italy
📍 Italy
Rinoceronte, near Bassano del Grappa in Italy, is a striking 19th-century building perched on a hill cradled by the curving Brenta River. A popular local spot, the beautiful building is whas earned the nickname “the King of the Brenta”. Rinoceronte was originally built to serve as a villa destination for tourists, and it's breathtaking views of the rolling hills and cypress trees make the hour-long drive from the nearby Venice well worth it. Today, Rinoceronte is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, with its sprawling gardens perfect for an afternoon stroll and its inviting cafe offering wood-fired pizzas. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the surrounding paths, perfect for short hikes, and adventure seekers can even take a refreshing swim in the nearby river. It’s easy to see why the area continues to be a favorite amongst locals and tourists.

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