Ría de Avilés


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Ría de Avilés - から Playa del Arañón, Spain
Ría de Avilés - から Playa del Arañón, Spain
Ría de Avilés
📍 から Playa del Arañón, Spain
Spanning over six kilometres of tranquil shoreline, Ría de Avilés and Playa del Arañón provide beautiful views, small coves and sand dunes to explore in the north of Asturias, Spain. Playa del Arañón, located close to the urban centre of Gijón and the holiday destination of Salinas, is the ideal spot for a stroll along the beach or to enjoy the region’s local seafood. This picturesque site is home to an important maritime heritage and a long history stretching back to the Paleolithic Age. Visitors can explore the nearby caves, visit a statue of King Pelayo and discover a network of paths and trails through the area. The historic fishing village of San Juan de Nieva, located just south of the beach, is a great place to see traditional Asturian architecture, take in the local culture and sample the region’s excellent seafood and produce.

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