Red Oak Creek


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Red Oak Creek - United States
Red Oak Creek - United States
Red Oak Creek
📍 United States
Red Oak Creek in Ovilla, United States, is a perfect place for nature lovers and photographers. Located in the heart of Texas, this creek offers stunning views of pristine nature. The creek meanders through lush natural wildlife which is home to various wildlife species – from deer, opossums and armadillos to various types of freshwater fish. The creek is also popular for canoeing and fishing, with plenty of areas to explore, including shallow coves, sandbars, and rocky areas. There’s also the Burton Park Nature Trail, a 3.6 miles long trail which offers a unique view of nature – from birds, mammals to native plants. Red Oak Creek is definitely a must-see for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

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I’ve beard of this place before but have never visited.
Well it is private property!!