Rathaus Lichtenberg


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Rathaus Lichtenberg - から Rathausstraße, Germany
Rathaus Lichtenberg - から Rathausstraße, Germany
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Rathaus Lichtenberg
📍 から Rathausstraße, Germany
Rathaus Lichtenberg is a grand-looking town hall in Berlin, Germany. Located in the vibrant district of Friedrichshain, it was built in 1910 and became part of Berlin after the war. The impressive building was designed in the neoclassical style, characterized by white stone and a cupola bell tower. Rathaus Lichtenberg is open to the public and provides a host of services to its citizens, such as civil registration services and obtaining official documents. Its spectacular architecture draws attention that it is well worth a visit - a unique blend of ancient and modern elements. Visitors can admire the vast inner courtyard, the bronze balustrades, and the statues of mythological figures. The luxurious art nouveau Pfeifer-Saal hall is also worth a visit. While the building might not be suitable for a full day’s photography, it is still a great spot to get a few snapshots of its impressive structure. For those wishing to explore the wider building, a guided tour is available.

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