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Rathaus - から Bridge, Germany
Rathaus - から Bridge, Germany
📍 から Bridge, Germany
Berchtesgaden National Park is a protected area in the German state of Bavaria, stretching from the town of Berchtesgaden to the Austrian border. This National Park is characterized by its impressive mountainous landscapes, with steep rock faces, deep gorges, glaciers, alpine meadows, alpine lakes, and streams. It is home to an incredible amount of European fauna, including red deer, ibex, chamois, lynxes, and foxes, as well as a wide variety of birds. Along the way, you can discover fascinating culture, folklore, and picturesque villages. You can take in the stunning views of the Königssee alpine lake, which also offers activities such as watersports and boat tours. With its incredible glaciers, meadows, and a variety of wildlife, this park is definitely worth a visit!

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