Railway Station


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Railway Station - から Kuranda, Australia
Railway Station - から Kuranda, Australia
Railway Station
📍 から Kuranda, Australia
Kuranda Railway Station, also known as Kuranda Scenic Railway Station, is located in the beautiful Atherton Tableland region of Far North Queensland, Australia. The station serves both freight and passenger services, running from Cairns to the towns of Freshwater, Kuranda and beyond. The station features a historic wooden building, which was built in 1915 by the North Queensland Railway.

The station is a popular tourist destination, with its picturesque location providing visitors with incredible views of the surrounding forests and mountains. There is also a train museum onsite, where visitors can learn more about the history of the region. Kuranda Railway Station is a perfect place to relax as you wander around and enjoy the scenic beauty of the area. Visitors can also purchase souvenirs at the station's gift shop and visit the nearby markets for some local specialities.

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