Puente Colgante


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Puente Colgante - Spain
Puente Colgante - Spain
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Puente Colgante
📍 Spain
Puente Colgante (Suspension Bridge) in the small municipality of Romariz, Portugal, is an incredible sight to behold. It is an 80-meter-long suspension bridge which crosses over the Zêzere River. A common landmark in the Romariz vicinity, it was completed in 1933 and its design is still seen as contemporary today. The bridge is made of strong, reinforced steel wire and its two sides are supported by steel pillars topped with arches. It has two viewing platforms, one at each end of the bridge, which offer stunning views of the river and its surrounding natural beauty. Currently, Puente Colgante is a protected National Monument and is open to tourists. Although the area can get quite crowded in the summer months, it is worth the visit. Its aesthetic value makes it enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

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