Proxy Falls


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Proxy Falls - United States
Proxy Falls - United States
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Proxy Falls
📍 United States
Proxy Falls is a beautiful double waterfall located in the Willamette National Forest, Oregon, USA. The double falls drop 250 feet, cascading over basalt cliffs in a multi-tiered falls. From a distance, the curtain of water appears to be a single cascade, but upon close inspection you can make out the two distinct tiers. There is an easy 0.4-mile loop trail around the falls and views of the surrounding forest and three smaller falls. Hike along the creek and through lush cedar, larch, and fir trees. The trail will take you to the top and bottom of the falls, giving you sublime views. Picnic areas can be found at the trailhead. Access to the falls by car is easy, and it is just 45 minutes away from Eugene, Oregon.

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