Praia dos Morcegos


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Praia dos Morcegos - Brazil
Praia dos Morcegos - Brazil
Praia dos Morcegos
📍 Brazil
Praia dos Morcegos (Bats Beach) is a beautiful beach located in the city of Guarapari in Brazil. This beach is named after the numerous bats that inhabit the nearby cliffs. The beach is close to Praia da Enseada, but is laid-back in comparison due to its smaller size. It has natural pools, clear, calm waters and an abundance of subterranean tunnels. The beach also has some reefs and shipwrecks at about 73 feet below sea level. From the beach, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sunset or a full view of the unique rock formations just off the coastline. Enjoy the sensation of the sun on your skin, the warm waters and the refreshing nature of the beach. Don't forget to take in with you some snacks and water, this beach doesn't have restaurants nearby.

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