Praia do Louriçal


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Praia do Louriçal - Portugal
Praia do Louriçal - Portugal
Praia do Louriçal
📍 Portugal
Praia do Louriçal is a stunning beach situated in Colares, Portugal. It’s a secluded spot offering visitors a peaceful atmosphere and stunning views over a long stretch of clean sandy beach. From the high sea cliffs to the golden sands, this place offers plenty to explore. Along one side of the beach, visitors can find a small river that flows into the sea. At low tide, it’s possible to walk across the estuary from the beach to Praia das Azenhas do Mar, a nearby fishing village. To make the most out of this beach experience, visitors should bring their sun protection, swimwear, and a picnic. Praia do Louriçal is the perfect place to rest and admire the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the Portuguese coastline.

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