Praia do Abano


Praia do Abano - Portugal
Praia do Abano - Portugal
Praia do Abano
📍 Portugal
Praia do Abano is a beautiful beach located in Alcabideche, Portugal. It is a stunning spot, offering stunning landscapes and beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. It stretches more than one kilometer and is easily accessible by car.

The beach is surrounded by dunes and the area is quite wild and pristine. It is one of the best places to take in the beauty of the Portuguese coastline. Praia do Abano is the perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, walking and playing beach games. For those feeling sporty, there are several courts for beach volleyball and surfing. A unique feature of the beach is the way the waves constantly pound against the shore. The sea is especially beautiful at night when the stars shine bright. With its long stretch of beach, Praia do Abano offers endless opportunities for explore. For a relaxing afternoon, there are plenty of facilities around providing drinks, snacks and accommodation. Nearby, there are several restaurants, offering a delicious selection of fish and seafood dishes.

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