Porthcurno Beach


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Porthcurno Beach - から Viewpoint, United Kingdom
Porthcurno Beach - から Viewpoint, United Kingdom
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Porthcurno Beach
📍 から Viewpoint, United Kingdom
Porthcurno Beach is a stunningly beautiful coastal beach in the far west of Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. It is renowned for its spectacularly rugged coastline, pure white sands, crystal clear waters and breathtaking sea views. The beach also boasts amazing rock formations and cliffs that are perfect for exploring, and curious coves and caves that are just waiting to be explored by intrepid beach-goers! The tumbling waves lend themselves perfectly to all kinds of aquatic activities; such as swimming, kayaking, and diving. This location is also a popular spot for sun-seekers, who come to relax on the sand and enjoy the spectacular views. Visitors can also check out the nearby secret cove of Treen, as well as the Minack Theatre, a cliff-side amphitheatre built into the rocks, which offers spectacular views and a great little cafe. Soak in the sun and revel in the raw beauty of nature at Porthcurno Beach.

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