Porta da Vila


Porta da Vila - Portugal
Porta da Vila - Portugal
Porta da Vila
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Porta da Vila is an impressive fortified gate in Óbidos, Portugal. This historic gate, built in 1296 by King Dinis, contains a Portuguese coat of arms and is situated at the entrance to the old town walls. A curious legend that has been passed down through the centuries surrounds the gate. It is believed that King Dinis presented Queen Isabel with Óbidos as a Wedding Gift, and she placed a golden key to the gate of the village in a purse which she presented back to him. Today, visitors to the gateway can take in the impressive architecture and venture into the old town. The gateway is located close to many other historical monuments, including the church of Santa Maria, the castle of Nossa Senhora da O, and the Church of Santiago. Visitors to Porto da Vila can also enjoy incredible panoramic views of Óbidos and its surrounding countryside.

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