Port de Plaisance


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Port de Plaisance - France
Port de Plaisance - France
Port de Plaisance
📍 France
Port de Plaisance is a picturesque marina in Wambrechies, France. The port features hundreds of boats and a large grassy area along the marina's edge, perfect for a leisurely stroll and admiring the scenery. With a lively boardwalk, lined with shops and restaurants, as well as many historical monuments, it's a great place to get lost and explore. The adjacent Wambrechies Canal, with its thousands of colourful boats, provides a breathtaking view. One of the highlights of the marina is the Morillon Lighthouse, one of the oldest in the world, offering stunning views of the area. Visitors can also enjoy boat trips, pontoons, and kayaking in the surrounding waters. All in all, Port de Plaisance is the ideal spot for a peaceful getaway.

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