Pont de Normandie


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Pont de Normandie - France
Pont de Normandie - France
Pont de Normandie
📍 France
The Pont de Normandie is an impressive bridge in La Rivière-Saint-Sauveur in Normandy, France. With the longest single span of any suspension bridge in France, it’s a sight to behold! Its two pillars rise 105 meters above the River Seine and it is easily visible from afar. Its elegant design creates a stunning contrast against the surrounding landscape, making it a favorite photo spot of many photographers. A popular activity is to walk across the bridge to get a sense of the great perspective it offers. There are also nearby cycle routes that offer a glimpse of the surrounding countryside and views of the river. For those looking for a more peaceful setting, there is the nearby Oissel-Sud Park which is a great spot for a peaceful stroll or leisurely picnic. The Pont de Normandie is sure to be an incredible sight for any adventure-seeker or traveler!

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