Pont de Normandie


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Pont de Normandie - から Toll Point, France
Pont de Normandie - から Toll Point, France
Pont de Normandie
📍 から Toll Point, France
The Pont de Normandie, located in Sandouville, France, is a cable-stayed road bridge that spans the Seine River. Constructed over three years from 1986 to 1995, it is the fourth-longest bridge in the world, stretching for a stretch of 3580m (2.2 miles). The main span is 856m and the highest of its towers is 153m tall. It took 11,500 tonnes of steel, 900,000m of cables, cement and 30,000mı of pre-stressing steel for its engineering. The Prestressing was done by a pre-stressing train traveling underneath the bridge. Its external-bridge look is the result of a particularly strong wind force of 200km/h that the bridge must resist. The bridge is one of the most frequency-crossed bridges in France and serves primarily to connect the Normandy region with northern parts of the country. It is an excellent sightseeing spot as well, with gorgeous views of the river, its wooded islands, and the shorelines on either side. Visitors can also see the green-and-white airplanes of the Air France, as the bridge is located near the airfield. It's a great spot to watch the ships move through the bridge, and the amazing structure is worth admiring for its size, strength, and beauty.

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