Pomègues Islands


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Pomègues Islands - France
Pomègues Islands - France
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Pomègues Islands
📍 France
The Pomègues Islands are located off the coast of Marseille in the Mediterranean Sea, France. The largest of the two islands, Pomègues Grand, is a nature reserve, offering beautiful untouched landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, crystal clear waters and a sandy beach ideal for swimming and barbecuing. Hiking, bird watching, and snorkeling are great activities to do around the island. There is a rich history on the island, with the ruins of a 12th century Cistercian monastery on the northern side, and a 16th century Carthusian monastery on the central hill. The seascape of the Islands, with its islets and hidden coves, is a particularly peaceful place to explore. There are frequent boat taxis available from Marseille's Catalans beach which can take you to the Islands. There, you’ll find small restaurants serving delicious regional dishes and a few tourist amenities.

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