Pointe de Marcelly


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Pointe de Marcelly - から Trail, France
Pointe de Marcelly - から Trail, France
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Pointe de Marcelly
📍 から Trail, France
Pointe de Marcelly is a stunning natural lookout point in Taninges, France. From its peak, one can get a remarkable view of the surrounding French Alps and the stunning mountain peaks of Les Dents de Lanfon, Puits de Douce, and Aravis. You can also admire the nearby lakes like Geneva, Leman, and Le Bourget. A short hike from the peak takes you to the Taninges ski resort. Visitors to Pointe de Marcelly can discover Mont Veyrier, a limestone outcrop and spot remarkable wildlife. The peak is also home to a small chalet of traditional style, and in the winter, it is an excellent spot for sledding and other snow activities. Don't forget to bring your camera, and you're sure to get some beautiful photos!

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