Plaza de España


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Plaza de España - Spain
Plaza de España - Spain
Plaza de España
📍 Spain
The Plaza de España in Gasteiz, Spain is a stunning sight to behold. Located in the heart of the city, it is surrounded by many historical monuments and landmarks, including the impressive Torre de Santa María. The plaza is home to the Palace of the Provincial Government, and serves as one of the main public gathering spaces in the city. There are numerous parks, gardens, and fountains throughout the space, making it an ideal spot to take a leisurely stroll. Divided in the middle by a canal, visitors can take a boat ride and explore the plaza from the water. The area is filled with activity during the day, with people gathering to admire the architecture and bask in the sun. On clear evenings, the illuminated façade of the plaza is even more breathtaking. It is truly a place to marvel at the beauty of historical Gasteiz!

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