Playa del Dormidero


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Playa del Dormidero - Spain
Playa del Dormidero - Spain
Playa del Dormidero
📍 Spain
Playa del Dormidero is a paradise-like beach situated on the remote Corralejo Peninsula on theisland of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain. The long beach is a favorite location formarine sports and yachting. It is overlooked by an old lighthouse called the Faro de Corralejo. The waves and the strong currents at the beach make it ideal for surfing and paddle boarding. The white sands of the beach are a popular spot for an evening stroll with beautiful views of the small islets surrounding it. Visitors can enjoy secluded beaches with pearly white sand and picturesque views of the gorge lined by tall cliffs. Although there are no restaurants and shops along the beach, tourists can find plenty of amenities located in the nearby village.

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