Platja de Llevant


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Platja de Llevant - Spain
Platja de Llevant - Spain
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Platja de Llevant
📍 Spain
Platja de Llevant, in València, Spain is a vibrant beach with its distinct yellow sand, the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea and several beach areas. The beach stretches to 4 kilometres in length and is split up into various areas, making it a perfect place to spend quality time with friends and family. The beach is well equipped with facilities like umbrellas, benches and showers, to make your visit more comfortable. Being close to the city, it attracts tourists and locals alike. There are plenty of activities to be enjoyed at Platja de Llevant, including fishing, swimming, wind surfing and sun bathing. Visit at sunset for the best views of the city lit up in the distance. Enjoy your visit to Platja de Llevant and make sure you take lots of pictures to capture the beauty of this place!

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