Piazza Liberty


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Piazza Liberty - Italy
Piazza Liberty - Italy
Piazza Liberty
📍 Italy
Piazza Liberty is a bustling square in the heart of Milan. Located near the main shopping street and just a short stroll from the famous Cathedral, it’s the perfect spot to while away an afternoon. As Milan’s oldest square, tourists can get a feel for the city’s history by visiting Piazza Liberty. Here you’ll find an impressive statue of Liberty, built in 1888 to commemorate the Pope’s visit to the city. Cast in bronze, this is an iconic sight of Milan. There’s also a graceful fountain in the center of the square, designed by sculptor Antonio Canova. You can also check out the beautiful fountain at the northern corner of the square. Head over here to admire nineteenth-century Art Deco buildings, or grab a spot at the cafe if you need a break. It’s the perfect spot to people-watch. Whether you’re just passing through or staying a while, don’t miss Piazza Liberty in Milan.

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