Phare des Baleines


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Phare des Baleines - から Beach, France
Phare des Baleines - から Beach, France
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Phare des Baleines
📍 から Beach, France
Located off the western coast of France, the iconic Phare des Baleines is France's oldest and most famous lighthouse, known for its distinctive architecture and vigorous flair. It stands at 72 feet tall and was built in 1854 and restored between 1993 to 1996. Its unique hexagonal shape features five storeys, and is said to have been inspired by Vivier's Lighthouse in the Mediterranean. The lighthouse is open to visitors, and it houses a museum containing a collection of artefacts related to its history and the history of the surrounding Iles des Bales. The lighthouse is known to be an excellent vantage point to view the stunning scenery of the Atlantic coast. There are several hiking paths and nature-filled activities that visitors can take part in, including bird watching, beach walks and sea kayaking.

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