Phare de Nantouar


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Phare de Nantouar - France
Phare de Nantouar - France
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Phare de Nantouar
📍 France
The Phare de Nantouar is a beautiful and picturesque lighthouse located in the commune of Louannec in France's Brittany region. Built in 1858, the lighthouse stands high at 73 feet and is a French National Monument. Its lighthouse keepers used it for assistance in guiding ships to safety away from dangerous rocks and reefs.

From the top of the lighthouse, visitors can take in stunning views of the surrounding countryside and of the bay. The nearby harbor is a great spot to enjoy a variety of watersports or to simply relax by the ocean. Tourists can explore the many surrounding islands and discover a unique wildlife habitat. Lying adjacent to the lighthouse, the area's main beach is a great place to take a stroll and take in the salty sea air. Not far away you can visit the fascinating National Nature Reserve of Ploumanac’h, which is known for its dramatic seascape and amazing sea birds. For a truly immersive experience, take part in the The Great Route, a 12 km loop walking route. The spectacular coastal trail lets you explore the local coastline, with ample opportunities to enjoy the stunning landscapes. Though not necessarily the most active tourist destination, the Phare de Nantouar is still worth a visit for its beauty and history.

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