Pedernales Falls


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Pedernales Falls - United States
Pedernales Falls - United States
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Pedernales Falls
📍 United States
Pedernales Falls is a stunning river inextricably carved through the Texas Hill Country. Meandering through the rapids, waterfalls and cliffs of the park, Pedernales Falls State Park is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature photographers alike. After traversing the rugged terrain of the park, visitors may come across numerous wildlife species, including armadillos, deer and wild pigs. Those looking to explore the water may hike to the banks of the Pedernales River or float it in a kayak or canoe. Anglers seeking largemouth bass, catfish and other gamefish, may enjoy the three miles of river in the park. Pedernales Falls State Park offers more than just nature and recreation; visitors can also explore its history. Hundreds of years ago, nomadic hunters inhabited the area and left behind artifacts, such as arrowheads and tools.

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