Pawleys Pier


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Pawleys Pier - United States
Pawleys Pier - United States
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Pawleys Pier
📍 United States
Pawleys Pier is an iconic landmark at the Pawleys Island beachfront in South Carolina. It is the oldest of the "black piers" on the South Carolina coast, having been built and repaired many times over the course of the last century. It features a large wooden platform with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can spend the day fishing, relaxing, and strolling among the nearby picturesque sand dunes. Guests will also find a variety of nearby beach activities, such as snorkeling, kayaking, and taking a dip in the inviting ocean waters. For souvenirs or snacks, it is possible to walk to nearby shops, restaurants, and pubs. Pawleys Pier is a highly recommended destination for seaside vacationers, so come out and experience a piece of history and the South Carolina coast!

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