Parque Nacional del Teide


Parque Nacional del Teide - Spain
Parque Nacional del Teide - Spain
Parque Nacional del Teide
📍 Spain
Parque Nacional del Teide is a stunning national park located in the Canary Islands,Spain. Its crowning centerpiece is the majestic Mount Teide, a 3,718-metre-high active volcano that is the highest peak in Spain and home to the world's third-largest volcanic crater. The park is home to an amazing variety of plant and animal life including rare endemic species, and the unique and otherworldly volcanic landscape offers breathtaking, diverse and surreal scenery of lava flows, formations and sandy deserts. During the day, visitors can view the stunning lake and barren mountain peaks from the edges of the crater, climb to higher peaks or wander the trails of the nearby forests and valleys. At night, the park's clear sky offers stargazing opportunities like few other places. The park is also home to a handful of villages and rock formations, as well as the Imbert Hermitage, a 16th century royal chapel. Parque Natinal del Teide is a remarkable natural oasis that's a must-see for any nature lover or photographer.

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