Parque Hidrolândia Caparaó


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Parque Hidrolândia Caparaó - Brazil
Parque Hidrolândia Caparaó - Brazil
Parque Hidrolândia Caparaó
📍 Brazil
Parque Hidrolândia Caparaó is a nature reserve located in the municipality of São João do Príncipe, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It covers approximately 8,500 hectares and has the Serra do Espinhaço mountain range as its backdrop. The park preserves an array of aquatic and terrestrial habitats, ranging from wetlands to open fields, and is rich in biodiversity. The upland environment supports more than half of the known bird species in the state, making this one of the most attractive parks in the region for bird-watching. Within the limits of the park is the Melancia River, which with its rapids and subterranean passages, is perfect for rafting. There are also plenty of trails for hiking and trekking in the area, and visitors can explore the historic ruins of the São Francisco fort. Other activities such as mountain biking, camping, and horseback riding can be enjoyed in Parque Hidrolândia Caparaó. Visitors should note that the park is not signposted and they should bring a map or ask at the entrance for guidance.

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